Fish pond cleaning and maintenance

No time to maintain that fish pond in your garden or the aquarium in your home? No worries—call on Sgt Sie!

Pond cleaning includes:

  • Netting fish and placing in a safe container
  • Draining the pond
  • Removing leaves & debris
  • Power washing rocks and gravel; replacing or rearranging rocks
  • Cleaning filter mats and filter; replacing if necessary
  • Detoxifying pond
  • Fees very by size of pond
  • Sgt Sie cleans ponds but doesn’t diagnose or doctor your fish!

Aquarium cleaning and maintenance

Do you dread the task of cleaning your freshwater fish tank? Sgt Sie is on duty!

Freshwater aquarium cleaning and maintenance includes the same things as pond maintenance but on a much smaller scale.

Having trouble deciding how to decorate your new tank and which fish to pick? Sgt Sie can help with that too!

If you and your fish want ATTEN-TION! on an ongoing basis, regular appointments can be set up at a discount.

Cleaning and Organisation

  • Housecleaning, one-time or ongoing
  • End of lease cleanings
  • Garage cleaning
  • Cellar/attic cleaning
  • Vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Other cleaning or organizational projects (additional fee for any hauling or rubbish removal)

We’re not just about fish habitats and cleaning!

Here are some other missions Sgt Sie can accept:

  • Ironing and laundry
  • Small landscape projects (such as replanting flowers, refurbishing flower beds, small trimming jobs)
  • Flat-pack furniture assembly
  • Hanging pictures
  • Ladder work (if you are afraid of heights or can’t climb a ladder)
  • Installing locks, smoke detectors, grab bars, and the like for old age pensioners and seniors
  • Many other jobs that you may need done in your home—no job is too small so don’t hesitate to ask!

Safety and security for OAPs

Sgt Sie wants to help you make your home and environment safe and secure! Let us come to your house, perform reconnaissance, and advise a plan of action to update your home. This includes locks, smoke detectors, grab bar installation, area rug non-slip backing, railings, and whatever else you might need to stay safe and secure.

Give us a call!

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